Thursday, January 14, 2010

For me? Why, you shouldn't have!

Look, you guys! Another award! I'm feeling like Meryl Streep up in here, or maybe Daniel Day-Lewis or one of those guys. Thank you to Sadako at Dibby Fresh for this honour. And check it out -- the award has cupcakes on it! Cupcakes! Now onto the rules:

List ten things that make you happy. Try and do one of them today.

1. Sleeping in. (Done and done!)
2. Watching old-school TV shows on DVD. From Degrassi to 21 Jump St. to Beverly Hills 90210, everything about these shows makes me want to live in the eighties/early nineties again. Speaking of, my 90210 post will hopefully be up by tonight.
3. Pringles, or a low-grade canned chip alternative named Mister Potato Crisp. Mister Potato Crisp is my Sabor de Soledad.
4. Watching movies I can't find in stores on YouTube. It feels so illegal-slash-fulfilling. I watched Radio Flyer the other day, and feel I am a more well-rounded person for it.
5. My friend Rebecca's house. It's one of those awesome kitchy places with street signs and old telephones and everything. I've known her since the start of high school, and every time I go back I reminisce like crazy. Like about the time I tabogganed down the stairs a la Home Alone, except that I used a sleeping bag in lieu of a taboggan. And I got carpet burn something fierce.
6. Kids movies, as you can probably tell. They're just so cheerful and awesome and uplifting. If everything could turn out like it does in the world of Disney, we would all be so happy. And we'd all be able to talk to our pets.
7. A successful shopping trip. An unsuccessful shopping trip, however, puts me into an almost suicidal spin. I have all the colour of emotion, you see.
8. Finding a new TV show. Glee is too fabulous for words, and while The Black Donnellys may already be cancelled, we'll always have season one.
9. Seeing minor celebrities on the street. The Irish guy from Neighbours walked into my work not long ago, and it's still the most exciting thing to ever happen to me at work. I asked him how he was. He replied that he was good, thanked me for my interest in his heath, and then inquired about my own health. There's no way I should still be excited about this, but that's just me. I still haven't gotten over the fact that I once saw Wentworth Miller in the city on a school excursion three years ago.
10. Going to an op shop and finding Sweet Valley High books. There's a shortage of them where I live right now, for some reason, so any day when I find one is a happy day for Lorelai.

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Woo, that was fun. Stay tuned for 90210 later on in the day!


  1. I agree with sleeping in and watching old shows. We did that today and watched Family Ties on Netflix :)
    Congrats on your awards! I found you through Sadako's page!

  2. Thanks for coming by! I have to tell you that when I was younger, I wanted Alex P. Keaton as my big brother.

  3. Thanks so much! All I do is watch old shows! That is when I'm not going to work or sleeping in! I wish a celebrity would walk into my work, it would keep things from getting so stale!

  4. Glad you liked the award--I would be so happy to see minor celebs. Somehow I live in NY and I never do! (My brother managed to see shootings of both Sex and the City movies which I totally missed, for ex.)

  5. Oh my goodness, thank you! So excited to have found your awesome blog. I sleep in often and love a good D-level celeb sighting. (Like once I saw Eric from Boy Meets World in a bar in Hartford, CT. Score!)