Monday, August 24, 2009

Round The Twist (1989-2001)

There's a reason this show just keeps on going. Originally an eight-part series in the 1980s, this gross-out comedy series aimed at the we're-too-cool-for-cartoons demographic has developed a life of its own, with four different seasons in the last twenty years. The premise is simple enough: a kooky family living who live a lighthouse encounter all sorts of weird and wonderful phenomena -- ghosts, magical objects, human ice-cream machines to name a few -- and hilarity ensues. Hilarity always ensues.

Pete, Linda and Bronson Twist are forever getting into some sort of stranger-than-normal adolescent troubles, from turning into a werewolf to being stalked by a crazy porcelain doll. Throw in a beautiful love interest, a gang of wacky bullys, a weird old lady and a scheming town mayor and you have yourself the recipe for an enduring children's program. Wait, did I say children's program? You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this particular show. In fact, I have a couple of the DVDs myself. What's that? You want a link to the intro? Well, I'm sure I can do that...

Tony Twist: Richard Moir (Series 1-2)/Andrew S. Gilbert (Series 3-4)
Pete Twist: Sam Vandenbergh (Series 1)/Ben Thomas (Series 2)/Rian McLean (Series 3-4)
Linda Twist : Tamsin West (Series 1)/Jolene Crnogorac (Series 2)/Ebonnie Maisini (Series 3-4)
Bronson Twist: Rodney McLennan (Series 1)/Jeffrey Walker (Series 2)/Matthew Waters (Series 3-4)
Harold Gribble: Frankie J. Holden (Series 1)/Mark Mitchell (Series 2-4)
Matron Gribble: Judith McGrath (Series 1)/Jan Friedl (Series 2)/Christine Keogh (Series 3-4)
James 'Gribbs' Gribble: Lachlan Jeffrey (Series 1)/Richard Young (Series 2)/Brook Skyes (Series 3-4)
Tiger: Cameron Nugent (Series 1)/Nick Mitchell (Series 2)/Tom Budge (Series 3-4)
Rabbit: Stewart Atkin (Series 1)/Drew Campbell (Series 2)/Samuel Marsland (Series 3-4)
Fiona: Daisy Cameron (Series 1)/Zeta Briggs (Series 2)/Kate Barnes (Series 3-4)Anthony: Rueben Liversidge (Series 3-4)
Fay James: Robyn Gibbs (Series 1)/ Trudy Heliar (Series 2-3)/Susanne Chapman (Series 4)
Mr. Snapper: Esben Storm (Series 1-3)/Ernie Grey (Series 4)
Nell Rickards: Bunney Brooke (Series 1-2)/Marion Heathfield (Series 3-4)

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