Thursday, August 20, 2009

So glad you could visit...

Welcome to my blog, ABC Not-Just-For-Kids.

You'll like it if:
**you were an Australian child of the nineties who remembers some of the truly amazing childrens' TV shows that we had
**you don't mind me snarking the crap out of them
**you're more than up for a trip down Memory Lane with me (it's a fun place to be, I can assure you)

Basically, I'm dealing with said truly amazing TV shows that ABC Kids brought to our screens. I'll recap a couple of shows for you, give you links to watch them yourself on YouTube (if possible; remember, I'm just one person) and you can feel free to comment and discuss just how amazing it was to be an Aussie kid growing up in the nineties. Sound like fun? I knew you'd think so.

About me: I'm relatively new to this whole blogging biz. For a couple of months now, I've been recapping Sweet Valley High books/TV episodes on the 1bruce1 LiveJournal community. If you remember digging these books as much as I did, I highly recommend you check it out -- it's fantastic. I love a good ol' nostalgia-fest as much as the next person, so I've recently been scouring a number of blogs that cater to just that. My favourites are listed on the side there, for your own viewing pleasure. Because I'm just that good.

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