Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You love me! You really love me!


Hey, Internet.

How you doing, Internet?

Listen, about the whole 'ditching you' thing...I know you probably think I'm really uncool for it, and you're probably feeling pretty shitty and unolved right now, but you've gotta believe me, baby. You've gotta believe me when I tell you that I tried to make time for you. Truly, I did. In fact, I've been sitting on this Alex Mack recap since December 3rd. You know how busy I am, Internet. Didn't I tell you? Thanks to my stupid job, I've been to literally dozens of Christmas parties this month...but you know how many I've been a guest of? One. That's my life, honey bunny.

Oh come on, don't be like that. You knew what you were getting into when you and I started this thing. Don't you realise that I'd rather be with you? I think somewhere deep down you know that what I'm saying makes a lot of sense. I'm prepared to make it up to you, Internet. I'll post every day if you want me to. Maybe more than once, if you think you're up for it.

Okay, so that was my apology. Blame the holiday season. (And you can blame me, if you really want to.) In fact, since this is my first day off since Christmas (and technically, that wasn't a day off as much as it was a relatives-fest) I was actually planning on sleeping until about four in the afternoon and then maybe having some Pringles for dinner. But then I discovered this...

An award! For me! I feel so loved! But like everything in life, there are rules:

1) The first rule of Fight Club is, you don't talk about Fight Club.

Fine, alright, that's not one of them. But it should be. Just putting that out there. Here are the actual rules:

1) Thanks the person who nominated me for this award
2) Copy the award and place it on my blog.
3) Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
3) Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
5) Nominate 7 bloggers
6) Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

As you can see, I've already done number 2. If there's one thing I like better than winning awards, it's shamelessly bragging about it.

Of course, I'd like to thank the lovely Shannon, proprietress of the Luke's Dinner and Shannon's Sweet Valley High blogs, two of my absolute favourite blogs in the whole wide world.

Now for seven interesting (depending on your definition of the word) things about me:

1. If I could be any person from history, I'd be Walt Disney...or maybe Marilyn Monroe, so I could have wild gorilla sex with JFK and finally work out how they both really died.
2. I cry every single time I watch Titanic, without fail. I believe that anyone who doesn't is at least halfway dead inside.
3. 'Forgiveness' is a word that's just not in my category. I'll hold a grudge forever -- and if you're reading this, Stephanie Wynne, I know you stole my Spice Girls collector photo when we were six. That shit's just not cool.
4. I refuse to perpetuate the lie that you need math in the real world.
5. My favourite actor growing up was Heath Ledger. Even before he hit the big time in the US, I had Heath Ledger posters on my wall. I wanted very much to marry him. I know celebrity deaths are becoming more and more common these days, but I don't believe anything will affect me as much as his did.

6. Call me un-Australian (at your own peril), but I think the beach is overrated -- It's just water, sand and that annoying slushy shit that water and sand make when they meet.
7. I have no real desire to be megabucks rich, but I would like enough money to be able to move to Boston and live comfortably tending bar at McGreevey's and hanging out with the Dropkick Murphys. (Technically I don't know them yet, but I think they'd like me.)

My seven awesome blogs:

1. Shannon's Sweet Valley High Blog -- is it against the rules to nominate one that nominated me? I will anyway, because I love it to pieces.
2. Gourmet Scum and Other Fun Stuff -- I'm very big on my 90210 DVDs right now, so this one's perfect for me.
3. Children of the Nineties -- go to this site, and you can practically see the nostalgia.
4. Margo Rising -- it's almost finished (sob!) but it deserves to go out with a bang.
5. Fear Street -- I was never a huge R.L. Stine fan (except for the Seniors books) but I love this site anyway
6. Baby Sitters Club Revisited -- because who didn't (doesn't?) love the BSC?
7. Are You There, Youth? It's Me, Nikki -- bring on more Judy Blume, I say!

Oh, and I'm finishing off Alex Mack as we speak, so it should be up by this afternoon.


  1. Hey Lorelai!

    Thanks for nominating me! I also nominated you for a lovely award! Great minds think alike!

    Cheers, and keep writing!


  2. Thanks, Lorelai! I think it's totally okay for you to nominate your nominator!